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Industry Expertise: NATCO President Appointed to Industry Association Executive Committee

Steven Sanders, Jr., President and General Manager of NATCO has recently been elected to serve on the Executive Committee for WTA-Advocates for Rural Broadband.

WTA is a national telecommunications association and a "leading voice and respected national association representing the interests of rural telecommunications companies on Capitol Hill and at the FCC and other federal agencies." NATCO has been a WTA member since 2004 after a merger of the Western Rural Telephone Association and the Rocky Mountain Telephone Association, creating WTA-Advocates for Rural Broadband.

WTA advocates for rural broadband services and represents over 360 rural broadband and telecommunications companies throughout the entire country. The mission of the association is to "provide affordable, advanced broadband and communications services in rural America through advocacy and education."

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Sanders's 2-year term on the Executive Committee allows NATCO to represent their customers and service area by providing significant input with federal regulators working on rural broadband policy. According to Kelly Worthington, WTA's Executive Vice President, "Without WTA's advocacy efforts in Washington, DC, NATCO's customers could and would be affected financially by legislative and regulatory changes that are made on the federal level in Washington, DC."

In addition to his opportunity to working with federal policy, Sanders's appointment also allows an opportunity for him to discuss and brainstorm ways to implement technologies in rural areas both from the providers' perspectives and from a federal level. He will have the chance to share our customers' experiences with other companies and gain insight into the challenges and opportunities that exist in other rural communities.

Sanders is also a member of the Educational Forum Planning Committee and the Public Policy Committee for WTA. His extensive involvement with the association will help develop relationships with other rural companies that might offer partnership opportunities.

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